Monday, March 26, 2012

In the Eyes of Morbo

Good news!

Well, not really. I’ve just been watching too much Futurama. My favorite are the newscasters, Morbo and Linda. I just get a kick out of Morbo always yelling “Puny humans! I will destroy you all!” and Linda’s only response is polite, newscaster laughter. Plus I think it sort of brings me back to childhood a little bit since Maurice LaMarche, the voice actor of the Brain from Pinky and The Brain, is the one who does Morbo.

My favorite runner up couple would have to be Lrrr, from Omicronian Persei 8, and his lovely wife Ndnd.

Anyway, my colleague Tamra Martin and I started a co-blog, entitled Writers’ Chai, so I’ll probably start using that for my professional gains and whatnot. This leaves my current blog for personal stuff :)

Prepare for random gibberish and whatnot.

Also, I’m defending my thesis on Wednesday. Very exciting. I’m actually kind of a nervous wreck about it, but I’m pretending not to be. I also got into two Ph.D. programs and I’m currently trying to decide between the two. (Correct answer: whichever one will provide the most financial aid.)