Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Does The Wind?

Decommissioning the first pair of shoes I bought with my own money.
Realizing the futility of a damp pillow.
Finding out that Rita Repulsa (Machiko Soga), the first female evil super villain on Power Rangers, died of pancreatic cancer.
Graduating from high school.
Drinking coffee without the intention of looking cool.
Replacing 4 black and 3 glow-in-the-dark bracelets with a kinetic watch.
Scrubbing the sink clean after I shaved.
Driving to Philadelphia.
Waking up in the orthodontist’s chair...with braces.
Pointing out to my mother that Alice Sebold had a better idea of Heaven than the Bible.
Buying my first bottle of beer.
Hearing that my best friend’s mother had a heart attack in the grocery store.
Receiving my first “D” on a critical term paper in A.P. Lang. & Comp.
Kissing the first guy I was ever able to admit I liked.
Buying my own school supplies.
Worrying if I get enough beta-carotene in my diet.
Accepting that I’ll never be taller than 5’6.
Saying to my cousin, “don’t grow old. You’ll wish you hadn’t.”
This video:

while knowing that Tracey Thorn is singing alone because she and her husband—which comprises the entire band of Everything but the Girl—have split up.

Knowing that I can’t change anything on this list.

//end of childhood.

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