Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where Did I Go?

I’ve been in cahoots.

This is me, cahooting. “No literary paparazzi! No!” 

Okay, not really. I’ve just been really busy, per usual. Here’s the skinny:

Reading. Grading. Sleeping. Planning for AWP*. Eating. Planning for PCA**. Applying for undergrad degrees in Architecture. Grading. Applying for positions as a Technical Writer. Reading. Applying as a barback. Packing my lunch***. Taking pictures for the newspaper****. Cleaning. Sleeping. Drinking chai. Grading. Sleeping. Driving. Hanging out with colleagues. Staring at my toes. Hanging out with family. Freaking out about the future.

Ok, a chunky skinny. A more to love skinny.

But, I’m back, chronicling books à la awesome factor. I may be on the fence about my future in creative writing, but once a reader, always a reader, am I right?


* Association of Writers and Writing Programs

** Popular Culture Association

*** Blueberries and a sandwich and salted almonds

**** I am now in the Orlando Sentinel and I secretly wish that they would hire me and turn me into a paid photographer.

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